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Bespoke Designs

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Although we feature extremely well-designed uniforms that can be grabbed off the shelf ready to be worn, ScrubsUniforms also deals in bespoke designs to offer a wider range of services that is inclusive of a greater audience.

Whether you work as a chef in a restaurant or as a medical staff in the health care sector, we can provide you with the best, custom uniforms. Scrubs, chefs uniforms, lab coats and tunics, we provide all kinds of uniforms and dresses in bespoke designs.

With bespoke design options we can ensure that your demand is met precisely to the very last thread. Each stitch and patch is tailored to match your needs.

Fit is the key and we tailor uniforms to fit! With our bespoke designs, you will not have to worry about that slightly long sleeve, or that oversized helm; everything will be fitted perfectly! Our sensitivity to changing trends means, your uniforms can be as contemporary or traditional as you wish. Our exceptionally talented team are able to use their corporate wear and high end fashion experience to portray the right image for your brand.

We can also attach your institution’s logo embroidered onto your dress. With a wide range of customizable options, we can help you make sure your logo remains pristine and the most prominent part of your dress. For those of you who are not looking for embroidered designs, we also deal in heat seal logos that simply require a hot iron to attach to your dress.

Our minimum order requirements for bespoke manufacturing are surprisingly low, with fast lead times and keen pricing.

The clients are provided with sample prototypes so that they can visualize how their designs will look and feel in their work environment. This will also allow you to determine whether any further adjustments need to be made.

We work closely with our customers throughout the design phase to keep them on board and updated on the progress of their order.

We try to make sure that your orders are completed within a suitable timeframe. Bespoke orders typically take anywhere from one to four weeks depending on your order size.

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