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Whatever your industry, your scrubs and uniform are more than just a means of keeping your everyday clothes from getting ruined.

Regardless of your specific role in a medical center, your scrubs are important. From keeping you safe and clean to providing you with that confident professional look, scrubs are as much part of practicing the profession as anything else.

We can help you boost this confidence with our personalized embroidery service!

Add your name, your company logo, hospital name or even your title to any area of the garment you want- the choice is yours!

Whichever customized look you go for, we can assure you that we can provide the most suitable embroidery services that cater perfectly to your needs.

We have a wide range of customizable options for everyone. Maybe you’re looking for a cool metallic finish, or a bright flamboyant logo or just looking to get your hospital logo on your coat, we will be there with the right threads and the best customer service experience you have ever experienced.

Our top of the line scrubs are designed to get you that smart, crisp for the day. Our products deviate from the traditional dreary designs that emanate a bland aura to modern, upbeat designs that are a relief to the eyes as well as the body.

We also deal in heat-seal badges that you can iron on directly to your uniforms. Unlike traditional badges which would need to be sewn into your garments, heat seal badges require just a hot iron to attach it to the desired place.

Our fabric is light, warm and soft to offer you the maximum comfort as you go about your busy day. Whether you are a nurse or a doctor, the hospital life can be very hectic and we believe in bringing every bit of relief possible to you.

Our products are the standard bearer of quality assurance in the market and one of our top most priority is to maintain a level of quality that is absent from most other products in the market.

We offer all this and much more, for not only people working in the medical industry but other walks of life too at our store on 3030 N Josey Lane #148, Carrollton, Texas

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