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Lab Coats

Where do you go looking when you’re in need of lab coats? The answer is SCRUBS UNIFORMS. We deal in the best apparels tailored precisely to match your personal needs. From labcoats to scrubs and trousers we have got everything you need.

Our lab coats are suitable for a spectrum of work fields including dentists, medical professionals, nurses and even students of all levels. The unisex piece of clothing is suitable for both men and women and lends a smart, competent look. Commonly used in labs to protect employees’ clothes from potentially harmful or staining splashes and spills, white coats can also serve as simple yet smart uniform for staff. They look professional and inspire trust in customers and co-workers alike.

We ensure our products maintain the level of standards expected by you including safety and comfort. With our lab coats, you will not have to worry about ruining your clothes as the lab coats will protect your from spillage and stains. Our fabric can be washed multiple times at a broad range of temperatures and still retain their pristine, professional look.  Manufactured from a tough polyester/cotton mix, our lab coats can withstand all the wear and tear of a modern, busy workplace.

We provide customizable options when it comes to our products so not only can you ensure that the size is right, but you can also have your company’s/lab’s logo embroidered onto the lab coats in a variety of attractive fonts and colors.

Our lab coats support ample pocket space to keep your belongings protected. The pockets are positioned optimally to allow easy access to retrieve your belongings.

To get your hands on the best professional apparel, visit us at our store near you in Carrolton, Texas. Our staff is always ready to help you find the most comfortable, reliable and premium quality coats and scrubs. You can also place your orders on 972 395 9111. Come meet us at our store in Carrollton, Texas or follow the maps and help us provide you with the level of comfort that will knock you right off your feet.

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