Stylish Tunics for doctors, nurses and medical professionals

We understand that looking your best in the work space is an elementary part of professional behavior especially in the medical and health care field. Proper dressing is part of your identity and signifies the role you play and looking your best in the workspace is essential to keeping up your image as productive and important member of the team.

SrubsUniforms brings you the most stylish and smart tunics for both men and women to make sure that you appear fresh, smart and ready to take on any new challenge that may present itself.

We make premium, highly fashionable and top of the line tunics and scrubs for both men and women working in physiotherapy, nursing, dentistry and medicine.

Our top notch tunics are made of soft cotton on the inside to provide maximum comfort and durable fabric on the outside to withstand the wear and tear of daily use and multiple washings. Our tunics for women are carefully designed to provide a sleek look that augments your professional abilities. Of course if paired with our trousers, the tunics form a perfect match for anyone working around stethoscopes and patients.

For the male counterparts we have the best tunics with color retention qualities that will withstand the toil of regular washings and the daily abrasions they may face. Once again, our trousers make the perfect pair with the tunics and work in conjunction to bring the most amount of comfort possible. They are made of light fabric that keeps you cool under stressful situations and lasts as long as the tunics themselves.

These tunics come in all shapes and sizes from the more flashier, stylish designs for those of you looking for something a little extra to plain designs, ready to perform their duties as optimally as possible. We provide various sizes including large and XL to cater to everyone’s requirements. You can also find a multitude of options in color when choosing for a tunic that suits you.

We provide custom embroidery services as well. You can have your brand/company/hospital logo embroidered on in whichever color and design you please including options for different textures such as metallic, matte and shiny. Custom embroidery orders take 1 to 4 weeks depending on specifications and order size.

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